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401K FAQ
Q: How do I access my 401k?

A: Go to www.Fidelity.com and log in. If this is your first time on the Fidelity website, please click on “First Time User” and follow the steps to create an account.

Q: Why don’t I see the full amount in my Fidelity account, from the check I just received?
A: Outsource applies funds to your account upon approval from our COO (Chief Operating Officer). While the schedule is not set, Outsource is legally obligated to apply funds to your account for each month no later than the 15th day of the following month.
Ex: funds for hours worked week ending 8/31/14 (check dated 9/5/14) must be applied to your account no later than 10/15/14.

Q: How can I withdraw my 401k?
A: Employee may call his/her local Recruiter or Field Coordinator and request to withdraw 401k funds. Once requested, you will be sent an official resignation letter via Docusign. Once this form is signed your status will be updated in Fidelity within 24 hours of receiving the signed document. Please expect 5-7 business days for the money to be paid out to you by Fidelity.

Please note:

  • The resignation letter is strictly for the purpose of closing your 401k account. This resignation does not affect your employment status with Outsource.
  • Per the schedule described above in Question 2, your account cannot not be closed until all funds have been applied to your account.

Ex: funds for check dated 9/5/14 must be in your account no later than 10/15/14. Until these funds are applied, assuming this was your last check including prevailing wage hours, you will not be able to close your account, in order to withdraw all applied funds.

Q: How can I take out a loan against my 401k?
A: To take out a loan, you need to contact Fidelity directly. Fidelity will work with you on the amount you can borrow, as well as the payment and repayment plans. Once you have received paperwork from Fidelity, please go to www.datacenterstaffing.net, select “Field Employees” -> “HR Resolution” and submit a request for Human Resources to approve the loan request, on our end. Please expect 5-7 business days for the money to be paid out to you by Fidelity.

Please note:

  • You must be active on a work assignment in order to take out a loan.

Q: How can I pay back my loan?
A: Once you have worked with Fidelity on the loan amount, you will also have to determine your repayment plan. Repayments are deducted from your weekly paycheck through Outsource. If you stop working with Outsource at any time during your repayment period, you are responsible for contacting Fidelity to manage your repayments directly with them.

Please note:

  • If you fail to make payments independently to Fidelity, you will owe all missed payments plus accrued interest at the end of the year.


CA Paid Sick Leave Policy
Payroll Issues


Los Angeles
San Diego


San Antonio


San Diego


Washington DC




San Francisco




Los Angeles


Los Angeles






New York

Expense Reimbursement
This form is for all expenses while on a project/job/assignment. Reimbursement may cover your mileage, materials purchased on behalf of a client, bridge tolls, etc. Please confirm with your recruiter what is able to be reimbursed to you before submitting this form. Please also remember to submit a receipt for purchases. You can contact your Field Coordinator for any specific questions.


State Exemptions Form
If you have already completed a federal W-4 tax form and live in any of these states, there is some additional information we may need from you. If you wish for your state withholdings to differ from your federal withholdings, please complete the form provided for your state and submit to your Field Coordinator.

District of Columbia
North Carolina
New Jersey
New York
West Virginia

Garnishment FAQs
1. What are garnishments?
Garnishments are legally ordered paycheck deductions sent to Outsource by an “issuing authority”. Common issuing authorities are:

  • County Child Support Services
  • State and Federal Franchise Tax Boards (IRS)
  • Medical Benefits Coverage (for your children, and by extension, you)

2. What if I believe the garnishment order was processed in error, or too much money is being taken out?
All garnishments delivered to Outsource must legally be processed until notified otherwise by the issuing authority. If you feel you are being deducted in error or incorrectly in any way, you must contact the issuing authority sending the order. If you do not know who the issuing authority is, please contact your Field Coordinator, who will work with Human Resources to obtain details for you.

3. I have spoken with the issuing authority and have worked out a new payment plan/have confirmed no payment should be taken out. Now what?
Please contact your Field Coordinator to see if a new order has been delivered to Outsource. Please note this may take up to 21 business days to be delivered to Outsource.

4. How do I get reimbursed for any money deducted in error?
As Outsource makes regular payments to the issuing authority, you will be reimbursed directly by the issuing authority.

Information Changes FAQs
1. Where do I send personal information changes?
You should contact your Field Coordinator for the following:

  • Home address changes
  • Tax deduction election changes
  • Contact Information Changes (personal phone number or email address)
Medical Benefits FAQ

1. When am I eligible?

All field employees are eligible for benefits on the 1st of the month following their 60th day of employment. If you do not enroll with the 30 – day period following this time, you will be required to wait for the open enrollment period, (typically end of the year between November & December) Initially this enrollment for benefits is at 100% of the premium cost until such time as you are eligible for company sponsored/partially paid benefits.

To qualify for Outsource sponsored/partially paid benefits, we use a 12-month eligibility period. This means, that after 12 months of service, your hours worked will be reviewed, if you have tracker at an average of 30-hours worked per week, you will be considered a Full-Time Employee, and your benefits are then eligible to be company sponsored (partially paid by company). This means, your weekly rate will be reduced to a portion of the premium and not the 100% of the premium you incur at 60-days. Additionally, as long as you are employed with Outsource, we will also guarantee your enrollment for the following 12-months, even if you drop below the 30-hour average work week that qualifies you as a full-time employee. Termination of the plan will be upon termination of employment, or a greater than 30-day lapse in employment, although you will be eligible for COBRA.

2. How do I enroll?

Please contact your recruiter and inform him/her you would like to receive information on enrolling in benefits. You will need to confirm your email address as all information will be sent electronically. Your recruiter will notify Human Resources, who will email you the enrollment paperwork within 24-48 hours of your request. Please select your plan options, and send back to Human Resources buy the deadline noted in the email sent to you.

3. When am I covered once I enroll?

Enrollment takes a few weeks to process; you are covered the first of the month following the month your enrollment is submitted.
Ex: completed enrollment form is sent to Human Resources between the 1st & 14th of the month your coverage will be able to be back dated to that current month. Completed enrollment form submitted to Human Resources between the 15th and end of the month, your coverage will begin the first of the following month.

4. Why have I not received my medical ID cards in the mail?

You should receive your medical ID cards within a few weeks after your enrollment has been processed; however, you will receive a confirmation email with your member ID number in it, and you will then be able to log into www.Myuhc.com which will give you your ID card should you need it sooner.

5. How am I paying for my coverage?

Currently, field employees pay 100% for their medical coverage. This payment is deducted automatically from your paycheck weekly, until you cancel, resign, or are terminated, or your assignment ends. If you are unemployed for more than 30 days, your coverage will be cancelled and cobra insurance will be issued to you, if you wish to continue with benefits.

6. How do I make changes to coverage, or cancel it entirely?

To make changes to your coverage, including cancellation, please contact your recruiter. They will then relay the information to Human Resources who will then contact you to confirm any changes or cancelations.

Payroll FAQs
1. When is my timecard due?
All timecards are due no later than 10am Monday (local time), every week. Timecards are required:

  • To be approved by a project manager/site lead/contact must approve your hours by signing your timecard (unless you are instructed otherwise). Outsource employees cannot approve your hours. If you are unable to get approval, please make sure your timecard is submitted by 10am Monday; this will increase Outsource’s chances of getting approval in time, to pay you on time
  • To be completed correctly, with all information listed
  • To be only faxed or scanned to Outsource. Absolutely no picture images, or Word or Excel files

2. Where do I submit my timecard?

  • If faxing, please send to the number listed on your timecard. Please call your Field Coordinator to confirm receipt.
  • If emailing, please send to the email address matching your office as listed below. Please note that the office you should send to is the office where your recruiter resides:

Los Angeles: timecards.LA@datacenterstaffing.net
McLean/DC: timecards.DC@datacenterstaffing.net
San Francisco: timecards.SF@datacenterstaffing.net
Phoenix: timecards.PX@datacenterstaffing.net
San Diego: timecards.SD@datacenterstaffing.net
Denver: timecards.DEN@datacenterstaffing.net
Jacksonville: timecards.JAX@datacenterstaffing.net
Tampa: timecards.TPA@datacenterstaffing.net
Atlanta: timecards.ATL@datacenterstaffing.net
Chicago: timecards.CHI@datacenterstaffing.net
New York: timecards.NY@datacenterstaffing.net
Austin: timecards.AUS@datacenterstaffing.net
Dallas: timecards.DAL@datacenterstaffing.net
Houston: timecards.HOU@datacenterstaffing.net
Seattle: timecards.SEA@datacenterstaffing.net

3. When do I get paid?
Payroll is processed weekly. You are paid the following Friday after your workweek ends.
Ex: You work between Monday the 1st and Sunday the 7th, you will be paid Friday, the 12th)
Exactly when you receive your money depends on your selected method of payment:

  • Direct Deposit: automatically, Fridays
  • Global Cash Card: automatically, Fridays
  • Paper Check: mailed with the expectation of Friday/Saturday delivery.

Please note: USPS may take up to 7 days to deliver your paper check to you.
If you wish to enroll in Direct Deposit or Global Cash Card, please contact your Field Coordinator.

4. What do I do when I do not get paid on time, or my check does not arrive within a reasonable time?
If you do not get paid as expected, or you suspect your check may have been lost in the mail, please contact your Field Coordinator, who will work with Payroll to resolve the issue.
Please note: due to bank regulations, it may take anywhere from 5-10 business days for your check to be resent.

5. What do I do if my pay is incorrect?
If you notice your pay is incorrect, whether due to incorrect rate, hours, or deductions, please contact your Field Coordinator immediately.

6. Am I eligible for a payroll advance?
All payroll advances are approved at the discretion of Outsource. There is no guarantee a request for an advance will be approved.

Taxes FAQs
1. What taxes should I expect to see on my paycheck?
State taxes vary, but expect to see the following basic tax deductions on your paycheck:

  • Social Security Tax (this is a Federal Tax)
  • Medicare Tax (this is a Federal Tax)
  • State Tax (this depends on your W4 selections: number claimed, marital status, etc)
  • Federal Tax (this depends on your W4 selections: number claimed, marital status, etc)

2. What do I do if I believe I am being taxed incorrectly?
Please contact your Field Coordinator, who will confirm your W4 selections. Taxes are calculated automatically in our payroll software. Please note that Outsource has no control over the taxes deducted from your paycheck.

Medical enrollment for temporary technicians, who do not qualify for mandatory benefits via the Affordable Care Act, is available through weekly coverage with Essential StaffCare. Employees will be officially enrolled/covered two weeks after enrollment forms are completed and sent to HR, and after the first paycheck received for an assignment, provided the employee is within his/her first 30 days on an assignment with Outsource. So, once an employee is officially on a project with us, he/she is eligible. Should the employee miss this deadline, he/she will become eligible again for coverage during our open enrollment period through the month of December.

Premiums are deducted from your check each week. If your assignment ends at any time, you have a six week grace period where coverage continues even though you are not actively working. If you ever need an extension on that coverage, you will need to contact the provider to enroll in COBRA. Otherwise, your coverage will be cancelled, and Outsource will not be liable for any medical expenses incurred thereafter.

If you are interested in enrolling in medical benefits through Outsource, please email hr@datacenterstaffing.net.